After four years of research and writing, Donna Harla unlocks the key to resolve issues in our economy: unemployment, housing market, taxes and education. The high school drop out rate is currently 32-46% nationally, according to most sources. Donna Harla’s insightful book Who’s in Charge? An Educational Outlook for All shares how we can turn the tide on this statistic with a few simple, effective research-proven steps.

A learned scholar with a master’s degree and highest honors, completing doctorates program, Certified Educator Training (CET), gifted endorsement, 300 certified in English Second Other Language (ESOL) and 22 years of practicing theory, research and getting a 98% student success rate, Donna Harla has spent her entire career helping to improve the educational outlook for her students. Who’s in Charge? An Educational Outlook for All is the culmination of her life’s research and work in one, easy to read and implement program.




Who’s in Charge? An Educational Outlook for All informs, illuminates and introduces a proven student
success program to reduce the high school drop out rate and improve today’s generation of high school students paving the way for a more prosperous nation. If you’re a taxpayer who has an interest in how to put an end to deficit spending by reducing the high school drop out rate, you will want to read this book! Through a simple, effective student success program, Parent Collaboration, that Donna started in Jacksonville in 2008, program participation has grown from 139 to 1,170 today, and growing weekly. Find out what people are saying and more in-depth information about the program’s success of Who’s in Charge? An Educational Outlook for All.


Donna Harla Appears on CBS TV 47!

Donna Harla tells the television audience about her book, "Who's in Charge?,"as well as what you can do to help local students.
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Donna Harla: Who's in Charge?

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